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Community Relations

Dine For a Cause

Working with non-profits is a good way to build traffic for your slow nights. We work with the non-profit group on planning their event and assist with marketing.



Working with associations is a good way to build traffic for your slow nights and to acquire new customers. We work with associations on planning their event and assist with marketing.


Restaurant Food Sampling

One of the first rules of marketing has always been that if people try a product, they are more likely to purchase. The simplest way for marketers to put their product into consumers’ hands is through sampling.


Restaurant Grand Openings

Grand openings are an important beginning for your restaurant. We contact the key people to attend your grand opening, and then assist you with the planning and execution of the event.


Corporate Catering, Group and Event Sales

With so many businesses requiring caterers for their meetings and events, adding catering to your restaurant is one of the best ways to increase your business. We will also be responsible for helping your establishment with group/private dining sales and building new relationships with outside businesses, organizations, associations, and event planners.


Restaurant Happy Hour Marketing

Happy Hour has always been a great way to increase sales during slow hours, attract new customers to your restaurant, and to showcase your appetizers and drinks. We can help encourage customers to associate your restaurant with “fun ” and attract a specific clientele during the time you desire.


Experiential Marketing

Restaurant Menu Distribution

If you need to increase your lunch time business, our staff will visit local businesses to promote your lunch menu items. It is the best method to capitalize on local businesses in your community.


Restaurant New Business Visit

New businesses are opening every month in your town. Because they will need catering for training and grand opening events, we contact them early to increase your exposure.


Restaurant Publicity Stunts

A publicity stunt is a planned event designed to attract the public's attention. The importance of publicity stunts is to generate new interest and awareness for the concept, product or service being marketed.

Internet Marketing

Restaurant Search Engine Marketing

The process of getting your website to the top of the search engines is known as search engine optimization (SEO). We conduct our own market research to identify and define target markets or areas and then implement a campaign that works well with your restaurant needs.


Online Public Relations/Press Release Optimization

Online public relations is the process of knowing where your customers and constituents spend their time online, and influencing those people to use your services. We optimize your press releases/communications for the search engines to reach a much larger, and more targeted audience than traditional PR.

Creative & Advertising

Restaurant Logo Design

You have just a few seconds to impress prospects with your brand. Because your restaurant logo is paramount to your restaurant success, put your logo on all of your uniforms, take-out bags, and floor mats.


Brand Identity Development

Branding is the sum total of a company’s identity—from its name and logo to every piece of communication either internal or external. Having a successful brand helps your restaurant stand out from your key competitors.


Corporate Catering/Ordering Website

Having a website dedicated to the ordering and personalization of catering options can assist in the catering process by allowing customers to place their orders 24 hours a day. Online ordering solution will allow your guests to order delivery, takeout, or catering directly from your website to your POS or FAX. We provide an ordering solution that can be fully and seamlessly integrated into your email program to allow for frequency of orders from your customers.


Vehicle Wraps

You can create a cost-effective moving billboard with our high-quality, high-resolution vehicle wraps. We can wrap your entire vehicle or just a portion of the vehicle delivering excellent marketing exposure.


Restaurant Public Relations

Public Relation (PR) is the practice of managing the flow of information between an organization and its public. We work with you to choose the media outlets that your demographic customers read, then target them with press releases.

Quick Contact

Website Design

price tage for website design

$ 499

We make sure your website represents your restaurant and brand with built-in marketing tools to attract customers.Restaurant Web Design

Menu Design

price tag for menu design

$ 199

Menu Design

A professional restaurant menu design should create an impression so that it stays with your client.

Phone Apps

price tag for phone apps

$ 59.99

iphone apps

EXPAND your reach to mobile users!!! Reach customers wherever they are – right to their pockets. $59.99 Monthly Fee + 1 time Setup Fee