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Why Marketing Dollars Strategy is not always an Effective Way of Branding

While marketers tend to focus only on feeding branding and marketing methods with dollars to drive in more sales, these are always not the beneficial and result-oriented strategies, especially for small to medium sized food chains.

Focus on driving traffic - rather than building a brand

Small and medium sized restaurant and food chains need to realize that they are not a big company and instead a specific-zone serving business, where their main focus should be on working on creative strategies to bring in large number of customers and enhancing customer value. Their main emphasis should be on greater return-on-investment, rather than only a visual brand appeal.

Targeted advertising - Driving traffic with Customer retention

Instead of spending valuable marketing dollars on formula campaigns, it is better to spend on specific and business-size and objective based strategies, which can bring in higher sales growth. You need to be specific as to how you need to connect with your potential customers to drive your sales, which inevitably will give your brand a value.

Local store marketing campaign - Proven strategy for small to medium sized restaurants

Instead of putting in marketing dollars on electronic media, billboards and other non-direct methods, restaurants should focus on local store marketing, which needs to be executable, track-able and repeatable.

Important local marketing initiatives:

  • Direct mail to promote personalized messages and notices for targeted local customers.

  • Posters and mails to let everyone in your local vicinity know about your business.

  • Specific promotions and events at schools, communities, and local markets.

  • Social media programs directed at your local area.

  • In-store promotional and marketing materials to attract customers.

  • Loyalty programs and reward programs to bring in repeated business.

So, your restaurant needs to focus on these creative, local-area specific strategies, combined with great food, valuable in-store customer service, cleanliness and trust-building initiatives for your success and building loyal, strong customer base.


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