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Top 5 Benefits of Using Every Door Direct Mail for Restaurant Marketing

The recently launched Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) service by the US Postal Department is intended to help small businesses, especially food chains and retail businesses enhance their marketing campaigns effectively.

Still in the initial stage, there are several reasons why a restaurant should use Every Door Direct Mail service for marketing.

5 significant reasons to use EDDM:

  1. Easy and convenient marketing with no need of permit

Every Door Direct Mail do away with the need to know about the address list of the people, and with little charge, you can easily and hassle-free send your marketing products to every home in the vicinity.

  1. Effective local area marketing

A restaurant focuses on local customers, and what better than being able to put your direct mail promotions right into their mail box, telling them about your store’s grand opening or informing about your new launches and offers. You can reach every local person easily and cost-effectively with simple and straight marketing.

  1. Send large-size prints and posters

Mail variable size postcards and prints, within the guidelines of USPS “FLAT” dimensions, with Every Door Direct Mail service. This offers opportunity to promote your products and offerings in creative and innovative manner with multiple-size prints & posters, small, as well as large folded down the size restrictions.

  1. Cost-effective medium to announce specials

The distribution cost is very low, which makes it easy for restaurant owners to announce their specials, event sales, or send out coupons to large number of people easily.

  1. Easy and fast set-up

Setting your “Every Door Direct Mail” is as easy as anything, and is cost-effective too. There is no need to know anyone’s address, and you do not need a special team for handing out the direct mails. Just get your postcards printed, and deliver them in bundles to Post Office with your payment. Your marketing will be done.

If used correctly and wisely, this service has a great potential to help your restaurant make a solid advertising and create an effective brand identity.

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