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Tips to Enhance Your Restaurant Web Design

There’s no denying how multinational food chains have profited from having an online presence, which is why local restaurants around the world aim to seek similar results, albeit on a smaller level. Having a website for your restaurant only gets you halfway there. A restaurant web design that attracts reservations and potential loyal customers should be the main facet of your online marketing strategy.

Follow these simple yet effective tips to enhance your restaurant web design and turn your restaurant into a marketing engine.

Add Website Analytics
Google Analytics help to measure the performance of a website and are free. They provide accurate statistics and give room for improvement on a restaurant web design. They provide details like the time users spend on your web page, what they search for, and what other web pages are linked to yours. This can help you compare your performance against other restaurant websites and determine your position in the search engines.

Google 6 Pack
Google 6 Pack is an essential tool to enhance your website’s visibility on search engine result pages (SERP). Pages of high priority are indexed to allow a website to get highly featured in SERP. A $1 fee per person is charged to make these reservations, which translates to savings when your website is featured highly on Google searches.

Reservations Page and Widgets
A dedicated reservations page will be visible in the Google 6 Pack, which translates to lower cover fee since people will view the option for reservations in it. A widget added on the main navigation can convey credibility and make a restaurant web design seem more authentic. They also encourage reservations, hence further increasing the likelihood of potential customers.

Traditional marketing tools like contact us pages and email marketing can work effectively along with these modern ones to ensure high return on investment.

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Website Design

price tage for website design

$ 499

We make sure your website represents your restaurant and brand with built-in marketing tools to attract customers.Restaurant Web Design

Menu Design

price tag for menu design

$ 199

Menu Design

A professional restaurant menu design should create an impression so that it stays with your client.

Phone Apps

price tag for phone apps

$ 59.99

iphone apps

EXPAND your reach to mobile users!!! Reach customers wherever they are – right to their pockets. $59.99 Monthly Fee + 1 time Setup Fee