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Benefits of Custom Take out Bags Design

Never judge a book by its cover. Well in the restaurant industry, this idiom doesn’t apply. There are two things that build an impression about your restaurant; your menu, and your take out bags. Yes, take out bags are a great way to advertise your business, and many companies provide custom take out bags. Here are some benefits of having a custom take out bags design on your takeout bags.


Beefing Up the Midday Meal

The Nova Scotia Lobster BLT sandwich is a hit at the Palm restaurant, where demographics have shifted to a younger generation The Palm Restaurant 

Steakhouses reclaim lunch hours with prix fixe promotions.


A Restaurant Marketing Plan to Create a Buzz

Trends in dining change every now and then which is why a successful food retail business will have a flexible restaurant marketing plan. Though you may have an online campaign about your restaurant, it may not work like it should if you don’t follow up on it. A restaurant marketing plan should be focused as much on offline promotion as online to increase productivity in this highly competitive market. Here is a restaurant marketing plan sample that can help you make a name and build a solid customer base.


10 trends shaping the restaurant industry in 2014

Unique menu items and increased spending among older consumers are two trends that will impact foodservice next year, The NPD Group says.

Senior diners are expected to increase their spending at restaurants in 2014.


5 Types of Content You Need to Share with Your Social Media Followers

You need to take a strong hold of your restaurant’s online presence. The goal is not simply to collect followers; your goal is to attract new customers and keep your current customers engaged. Social media is like Las Vegas gone digital—it never sleeps, and its viewers are looking for new excitement and engagement every second. It’s your responsibility to give your followers what they want, and sprinkle in what you need them to absorb.


3 Simple Ideas for a Restaurant Website Design

The main objective of having a web page for a restaurant is to provide internet users with smart and user friendly websites that turn them into reservations, and eventually repeat customers. If you are planning to get a restaurant website design, here are 3 simple ideas that can help you get started:


How to optimize your restaurant menu on your website

Is your food menu posted on your restaurant's website? Of course it is. It's one of the most sought after items your visitors are looking for when they're checking you out on the web.

But is your online food menu optimized for turning visitors into customers?


Why is social media still underutilized by restaurants?

Social media is here to stay, so how does a restaurant utilize it properly? First, social media is not a replacement for traditional marketing; it is only another tool in your marketing toolbox. You might ask the reason you need to engage with social networks at all. Some statistics on social media and purchasing habits:


Use niche marketing to drive catering profits

Catering's large check averages represent the best chance of making up for lost sales during this economic recession. And four walls marketing — showcasing your services to the customers that walk in your front door, drive by your location and order your takeout — is the most effective way to promote it. Have a graphic designer create signs, banners, table tents, box toppers, bag stuffers, staff buttons, washroom signs and catering menus to place strategically around your restaurant. Multiple points of contact with your catering message will get the word out that you cater.


Not open to discussion: The time for restaurant mobile apps is now

Remember back in the 1990s, when business owners asked, “Do we really need a website?” My, how quickly that question disappeared. Today the vast majority of businesses now have websites, and for a good portion of those, it’s the only way they conduct commerce.


Study reveals what Facebook fans are worth

Combining how much online brand fans spend with how frequently they share their “likes” helps put a dollar value on a restaurant’s social media customer base.


Social media has to be a daily effort

I’ve been writing a weekly article in various places for probably the last five or six years. I love hearing from readers, and any time I can provide inspiration, education and humor, I consider what I do a success. I love hearing success stories I can learn from and share.


Restaurants turn to mobile apps for marketing

This is part of NRN’s special coverage of the 2013 NRA Show, being held in Chicago, May 18-21. For the latest coverage from the show visit NRN’s NRA Show page and NRN's editor blogs, plus follow @NRNonlineon Twitter. Also find the most compelling digital buzz from the show in one place at NRN's new social media hub.

David Stidham, vice president of marketing for Prairie du Sac, Wis.-based Culver’s, called all the new marketing capabilities and solutions on display at the NRA Show’s Technology Pavilion “almost overwhelming,” but he still planned to stifle his amazement for two days and search for more new platforms.


Restaurants Are Not Mobile

Nope, we’re not talking about putting too much cilantro in everything. (That’s a separate post.)

In this post we’re talking about ignoring mobile strategies.

Mobile usage continues to trend ever upward: consumers are spending more time on their mobile devices, making more purchases on their mobile devices, and generally can’t get enough of their mobile devices.


Restaurant Fan Pages: Your Facebook Friends Want Benefits

Marketing gurus are unanimous in saying that restaurants should make Facebook fan pages a cornerstone of their marketing efforts. To a large degree, they’re right. But new surveys of restaurants that maintain fan pages and consumers who use them indicate no automatic payoff comes from having one.


Profit Through Catering

As the economy continues its sluggish recovery, shrewd operators are turning to catering as a way to build their holiday business. Consider these points:


Marketers miss out by not leveraging dayparting in mobile strategies

Mobile provides marketers with new opportunties to take advantage of dayparting, or delivering marketing messages during precise time slots. However, doing it correctly requires a deep understanding of how mobile users are engaging with a brand, something a lot of marketers still do not have.


Is a mobile app or mobile site right for your restaurant?

With 96 percent of the world's population now using mobile devices, it's imperative for companies to figure out how to best connect with and serve customers on a mobile device, in a way that is simple and rewarding. Executive conversations have now shifted from whether or not to invest in mobile, to what is the right mobile app strategy to pursue.


Instagram video: A game changer for restaurants

Since Instagram took off last year it has proven to be a powerful and invaluably flexible tool for restaurants. Combining the rapidly spreading fascination with amateur food photography with the all-pervasive world of social sharing it has become the go-to app for meal documentation. And, make no mistake, a small but dedicated group of your diners simply cannot eat until they've memorialized and broadcast the event.


How your restaurant can leverage social proof

A couple of years ago, TechCrunch called social proof the "new marketing." Since then, I've been hearing this term more and more in the online promotion world. It's a powerful concept that your restaurant can leverage to build a larger customer base...


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