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Tips to Enhance Your Restaurant Web Design

There’s no denying how multinational food chains have profited from having an online presence, which is why local restaurants around the world aim to seek similar results, albeit on a smaller level. Having a website for your restaurant only gets you halfway there. A restaurant web design that attracts reservations and potential loyal customers should be the main facet of your online marketing strategy.


Three restaurant website trends that are here to stay in 2014

You have poured your heart and soul into your restaurant and there is nothing you want more than to have it succeed.
While serving a fantastic menu and delivering exceptional ambiance are exceptionally important factors that will no doubt affect the success of your restaurant, there is one thing outside your establishment itself that will gauge your success:


Three-Dimensional Branding

3-D Branding in use at Buffalo Wild Wings, inside and out Courtesy of King-Casey
Differentiate your restaurant from the "sea of sameness"


Social Media 101 for Restaurants - Part 3

Part 6: Managing multiple social media pages for your establishment

To conclude this series on social media for restaurants, let’s take a few minutes to tie it all together. Once you decide which combination of Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Foursquare, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Vine, LinkedIn, etc., works best for your brand,


Social Media 101 for Restaurants - Part 2

The Twitter page of Washington, DC restaurant Birch & Barley in November 2013 Courtesy of East Coast Chair & Barstool

Part 4: Twitter adds "#value" to a restaurant's PR strategy


Saving money on social media services

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have given operators the opportunity to build meaningful connections with their customers outside the restaurant walls. The challenge, of course, is in making and maintaining those connections in a way that doesn’t drain your marketing budget.


NRA: Restaurant sales to reach $683 billion in 2014

Report forecasts industry sales to grow 3.6 percent despite fragile consumer environment. The National Restaurant Association said Thursday it expects industry sales to grow in 2014 for the fifth consecutive year, to $683 billion, despite consumer sentiment that remains less than robust.


Restaurants’ sales to rise 3.6 percent in 2014, NRA forecasts

Restaurants will vie this year for a 3.6 percent increase in total industry sales, which should hit an all-time high of $683.4 billion, according to the just-released business forecast of the National Restaurant Association.


Restaurant Menu Printing – A Viable Investment

When we talk about major investments in a restaurant that can ensure long term returns, restaurant menu printing is the first thing that comes to mind. Yes, contrary to popular belief, restaurant menu printing is the most effective and profitable investment you can make in your restaurant.


Restaurant Marketing Made Easy

Do you market your own restaurant? Are you doing enough to make sure your restaurant marketing is meeting your targets? Do you have a restaurant marketing strategy planned out?


Restaurant Marketing Ideas to Increase Sales

A restaurant should never be primarily focused on just food when there is a whole dining experience to it. A restaurant can basically work as a marketing tool to attract customers and build loyalty in order to ensure stable sales.


Mobile websites made easy – tips and tricks for restaurant operators

Looking to attract more prospects into your restaurant? Already have a desktop website and don't know if it is the right time to create a mobile optimized website? How to create it with a minimum of technical knowledge and at a minimum of expense?


Food trucks: Good route to opening a restaurant?

Mobile eateries can be useful in marketing products

The food-truck phenomenon is taking over, from Food Network programs to weekly gatherings of food trucks of all kinds here in Phoenix.
But the trucks, which dish up everything from exotic fare to American staples, are expensive, and whether or not the investment ultimately pays off from a business standpoint depends on the restaurateur.


Increasing Profitability with Your Restaurant Menu Design

Profitability in a restaurant or a retail food business is never a constant, as the daily operations can take a toll even on the biggest multinational food chains.


How to Make Effective Menu Designs

The single most important thing in a restaurant to make it work is the menu. Menus are the first thing a person looks at when they place an order. During that short span of time when a person opens the menu, your menu has to say it all to make sure that person ends up ordering something.


How Restaurant Marketing Companies Can Help You

Restaurant marketing is not the same as it once was. It has become inevitable to adopt internet marketing in a restaurant in order to ensure stable sales. Yes, a good internet marketing campaign will help a restaurant grow but that, to some extent, requires professional help.


How operators extend—not weaken—their brands through catering

A growth spurt for catering
As the economy goes, so goes catering. And with the nation’s economic horizon brightening, consumers and restaurant operators are, once again, spending more on off-premise dining.


How mobile apps increase sales during peak times

Line busting is a trend that allows guests to order meals and pay ahead of time via a mobile app, without the need to stand in the usual order line in a store (thus skipping lines). Its No. 1 benefit is that it allows restaurants to increase sales while simultaneously handling walk-in traffic during peak times.


Building a local presence on Facebook

“Mom and pop locales are beating chains at local marketing on Facebook,” said Erica McClenny, director of enterprise engagement at Expion, during the innovation session entitled, “Facebook Encourages Restaurants to Go ‘Local’” held on Tuesday, March 27 during the 2012 Restaurant Leadership Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona.


Birthday Greetings and Discounts Resonate with Customers

Birthday Greetings and Discounts Resonate with Customers

Remembering and acknowledging a customer's birthday is a good method to build brand loyalty, confirms the results of a recent online survey conducted by analytics and marketing technology provider Fulcrum.


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