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How to Successfully Organize a Franchise Restaurant Grand Opening - 3 Marketing Steps

So, you are gearing up to open your restaurant franchise. You would be feeling excitement as well as anxiety, as to how it will go, and what market the new store brings.

For successful grand opening and ensuring likeability from a large number of people, you surely need an effective marketing campaign for your opening:

  • Advertise through media:

Media is an important aspect whom you should target, apart from the potential customers, as media will create that much-needed ‘Buzzword’ about your business. Target social networks, and put effective opening information through Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels of the restaurant. Other media networks to target are TV, radio, and local news channels and print media.

One of the important aspects in this is to create and issue impressive, brief and appealing press releases, across all the advertising channels. The press release should contain all the important information, and the events you are going to organize, along with complete contact information. This should be done two or three weeks prior to the opening. And make sure to invite a renowned local figure for ribbon-cutting ceremony.

  • Advertise through promotional merchandise and products

Put signs and posters around the city and community. Hand out brochures, fliers, business cards, discount coupons, along with free samples to promote your franchisee opening in a low-cost manner. You can also put a booth in a fair and flea market and distribute t-shirts and caps, advertising your event.

  • Plan an eventful and engaging activity

Just like promotion of the event, you need to organize an opening occasion which makes sure that all the visitors are fully entertained, resulting in a popularity index for your business. Create a memorable experience with innovative games, giveaways, refreshments, door prizes and more. Organizing a musical show is also an effective choice, and you can do that by hiring a DJ or band. These inputs will creative a positive and effectual word of mouth advertising outcome.

The grand opening is a social event and a chance to network, so make sure to create a happy and fascinating atmosphere.

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