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5 Things You Need to Have on Your Restaurant Menu

The restaurant menu is an important aspect, which can define how well your items sell and how popular and unique your restaurant becomes. A menu should be strategically and thoughtfully designed, which provides easy understanding to the customer about the food items, and help them decide and order in quick manner.

Amongst several aspects, there are 5 important things which you need to have on your restaurant menu to draw customer’s attention and increase the revenue potential:

Food Sections

Having the menu divided in proper sections, based on type of food or beverage category, enables customers to easily identify and search dishes and make informed choice. The sequential arrangement is the first and basic element for creating an impressive menu design.


Every restaurant has their high-margin food items, so it is up to the restaurant menu to attract viewer’s attention towards those items. This should be done by specifically emphasizing best-selling food items. For this, use lines, boxes, colors to highlight those food items.

Food Description

The chance of an item being ordered depends a lot on the description provided. Having a succulent or creamy description of the item increases its likelihood of being ordered. Special descriptor words, like related to geography or a special reference to a brand, or some other specifications instantly draw a customer’s attention.

Spell the price

Do not use the dollar sign with the pricing of the item. This is just a reminder to the customer that they are paying to eat. So, instead of using dollar sign, or in fact any sign, spell the price, or use numbers only.

Easy-to-understand Word Format

Unlike the layout design, which needs your creative instinct, the format should be simple and easy to read. For this, it is recommended to use Sans Serif word format.

Following certain factors is critical in giving the whole restaurant menu design a perfect outline and that catchy feel, which scores high on the profitability.

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