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5 Restaurant Menu Design Factors Which Influences Customer’s Decision Making

The whole culture of a restaurant is significant for creating good or bad impression in a customer’s mind, and menu is the most important element for this. It is the first form of interaction between the customer and the restaurant and plays the major role in influencing the customer to choose a food item.

A beautifully designed menu with a perfect blend of colors, tints and mouth-watery images of your favorite eatables is essential to entice customer to go for quick food selection decision, which they like. And if it is followed by delicious food item and great customer service, then the restaurant has surely scored all the points.

Here are some important factors about menu design which influences the customer’s decision:


The Color is an essential equipment to persuade one towards the subject. A highly multi-faceted food diagram with a vibrant mix of exotic colors will make the customer moved and increases the chance of customer ordering that food item.


The mystical styles fascinate one to read more. Artistic alphabets but with easy-to-read and understand theme will make the customer get attracted to the food items, and go through the menu deeply, which improves chances of him/her ordering multiple food items.

Fascinating Flavors:

The customers get easily attracted by a perfect display of steaming coffee mugs, cheesy pizzas, and chocolate brownies- outlined on the menu.


Last but not the least, finished borders and edges of the catalog presented catches the attention of the customer.

Price Display in Spelling

Restaurants which remove currency symbols, and instead use round numbers and spelling take the emphasis away from the cost. In fact, prices written out in letters encourage customers to spend up to 30% more.

A restaurant sustains its quality by the culture that it follows, and apart from food quality, it needs to look at all other factors, for which menu design is an important part.

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