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Management Team

Senior Marketing Manager
Serge Randolphe Jr

Serge Randolphe is a graduate of Bentley College and the founder of OneTo1Marketing. With over 10 years of experience in sales and marketing in corporate America and 5 years as a Field Marketing representative of Ogilvy.

During his tenure at Ogilvy, Serge was the number one field marketing representative in the north and the southeast market. Serge also has over ten years of sales and marketing experience in various industries ranging from telecommunications, internet, ISO certifications, tobacco, technology, credit card processing, and direct marketing/fundraising with fortune 500 companies.

He has also been involved in many highly successful mid-size and start-up companies, and understands what it takes to get clients in the door. During his tenure with these companies, he has developed innovative and exciting new approaches to market analysis, promotion, direct marketing and customer retention. He has also been involved in the introduction of new product lines and new concepts in sales. 

Independent Board Advisor
Julius Spradling

Julius Spradling graduated from Marshall University with a master degree in Analytical Chemistry. After graduating from Marshall University Mr. Spradling went to work for Ciba Geigy and Union Carbide for 21 years. After working for Ciba Geigy Julius Spradling went to start Spradling enterprises to open an Arby’s franchise. Mr Spradling spent 19 years successfully as an operator of Arby’s where he learned the in and out of franchising. Tim is also a member of Guilford County Historic Preservation Commission an organization that preserve historic properties in Guilford County. For the past eight years Juluis Spradling has been volunteering for Junior Achievement where he Give presentations to High School Students on Entrepreneurship. Mr. Julius Spradling will bring his franchise expertise to One To 1 Marketing to help the company expand their subway franchise footprint to 3,000 locations. Plus Mr Spradling will consult the company in opportunities in other franchise networks.

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