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Taverna Opa

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Taverna Opa

The Situation

Taverna Opa is a small Florida-based Greek-themed restaurant chain with headquarters in Hollywood, Florida. After several years of operation, the restaurant was experiencing a decline in business, and was also noting a diminished brand identity in the very competitiveSouth Floridadining market.  In an effort to remedy the situation, the owner engaged in discussion with three marketing/public relations firms before choosing One to 1 Marketing to develop a marketing program that could positively impact its brand image - and its bottom line.   

The Marketing Strategy

After consulting with the restaurant management team over several meetings, One to 1 developed a strategy that involved the staging of a series of PR events that would immediately stimulate business for the restaurant, while also generating media coverage.  To launch the plan, One to 1 recommended a focus on the chain’sMiami Beachlocation. 

Reaching out to the Miami Beach Police Athletic League (PAL), the oldest PAL inFlorida, One to 1 Marketing proposed the hosting of a Tip-A-Cop themed fundraiser at Taverna Opa.  The “hook” for the event was thatMiami Beachpolice offers would become restaurant waitstaff for the evening, with all tips going to the PAL.   Upon gaining agreement to participate, One to 1 developed marketing materials that were provided to the PAL to promote to their database through both email and social media.  Those marketing materials included the Taverna Opa logo and its “Drinks, Meze and Celebration” tag line, thus serving to promote the restaurant’s association with the event and its brand.

The Results

The Tip-A-Cop event generated over $3,000.00 in funds for the Miami Beach PAL, while Taverna Opa realized a 200% increase in sales for that evening.  Perhaps as valuable, the event garnered media coverage via WSVN  Channel 7 Miami News, as well generating more than 100,000 impressions via various forms of social media.  That quick uptick in sales, as well as the media exposure, impressed restaurant management such that they chose to expand their marketing with a 6-month public relations campaign.  As the restaurant management states,  “One to 1 Marketing is a great company with which to work, as they are experts in restaurant marketing.  We have seen an increase of 20% in traffic at our locations since we implemented this public relations campaign.”  

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