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Subway Store #53174

The Situation

Subway is a multi-nation sandwich franchise chain with more than 35,000 locations and a marketing strategy that focuses on a young adult-to-middle age population with food that is positioned as healthier than typical fast food fare.  Like many restaurants, Subway sought new revenue streams and had launched a major initiative focused on developing its catering business.  As quoted in an article in USA TODAY, Tony Pace of Subway's corporate consumer marketing organization noted that “two catering orders each day over a weekend could mean an extra hundred dollars bucks in sales that you wouldn't have had otherwise." Given such possibilities, One to 1 Marketing approached a local Ft Lauderdale Subway franchise (#53174) about working with the store to increase catering sales to local businesses within the store’s territory.

The Marketing Strategy

After several meetings with the restaurant franchise owner to better understand his goals for the catering initiative, One to 1 recommended a multi-faceted marketing campaign that included the assignment of a telephone sales person, who was tasked with making outbound calls to local companies of at least 20 employees.  The goal was to make potential customers aware of Subway’s catering options - and to solicit potential orders.  Prior to this initiative, the store had relied on local store traffic to make customers aware of its catering options; but that effort had achieved little-to-no success in terms of impacting the catering revenues for the franchise.

As part of the new campaign, One to 1 also recommended that Subway 53174’s owners provide printed catering menus that could be handed out in the store or mailed to any companies that expressed interest.   One to 1 then recruited and trained sales staff, with each staff member assigned a list of local businesses to be called by telephone and made aware of the benefits of using Subway’s catering, as well as the range of options on the catering menu.  Subway store 53174 wanted to ensure that local companies with catering needs would consider Subway’s catering platters among their potential choices.

The Results

Subway’s Ft Lauderdale store #53174 reported that within the first month of running the One to 1 campaign, it generated an increase of $200.00 in new catering business from a local school that plans to increase its orders to $600.00 within the next few months.  In addition to the new business, the marketing campaign resulted in the store getting signed up as a catering vendor for both the Ft Lauderdale dealerships of a national automotive dealership chain, as well as with the Broward Health complex and its satellite locations.  The One to 1 promotion also provided the store with a list of 100 local companies (with phone numbers, addresses, and emails) that were likely to have future catering requirements.  This provides Subway #53174 with a focused list of prospects with which to engage about future catering business. 

To help ensure a successful launch, One to 1 also made follow up calls with each catering customer to thank them for their business and make certain that there had been no problems with the Subway service.  Though such follow-up is important to launching a new service, it is often something that individual store owners would have little time to do.  

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