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Masters Italian Restaurant

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Master’s Italian Restaurant

The Situation

Master’s Italian is a casual independent restaurant that has been doing business in Miami Beach, Florida for more than thirty years.  Seeking to increase its midday lunch and buffet traffic, Master’s engaged with One to 1 Marketing to develop a direct marketing campaign that would increase its overall lunchtime sales, as well as develop significant returning customer business. 

The Marketing Strategy

After several meetings with the owner, Luis, to better understand his goals for the restaurant, One to 1 recommended a marketing program that included the creation of a new brochure that would highlight the range of luncheon menu offerings and also showcase the buffet selections from which Master’s customers could choose.  One to 1 also proposed a proactive outreach program that would ensure awareness of Master’s menu among local area businesses.  Masters had previously tested a program in which lunch menus were distributed by the restaurant staff to local businesses, but they reported a very low success rate in terms of impact on the lunch business.

As part of the new Master’s marketing program, One to 1 designed and printed 5,000 postcards that described the rich menu offerings that the restaurant offered. The One to 1 postcards listed the daily lunch specials on one side, with the reverse side highlighting the buffet choices.  One to 1 then recruited and trained a field marketing staff, with each staff member assigned a list of local businesses to be visited within the upcoming month and personally informed of the Master’s menu and the available dining options.  Master’s wanted to ensure that office workers in those businesses knew of the ability to dine at the restaurant, to order meals for pick-up, or to have a lunch order delivered to the business.

The Results

Master’s Italian reported that within the first two days of running the One to 1 campaign they received 30-50 calls for lunch delivery and 15 to 20 walk-in customers who purchased the lunch buffet!  The restaurant owner acknowledged that the One to 1 campaign had vastly out-performed any form of advertising that he had tried previously, and that it was to be incorporated into his long-term marketing strategy.  In a comment about the marketing program, the owner stated, “One to 1 Marketing is a good marketing partner because of their restaurant expertise.  I have seen an increase of 15% in lunch sales since we implemented this promotion.  The results are better than print advertising and less costly.  I would definitely recommend One to 1 Marketing to other restaurant owners!”

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