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Baires Grill

The Situation

Baire’s Grill is an upscale restaurant located in Miami BeachFlorida, that features a high quality authentic Argentinean menu, including Argentina’s world renowned barbecue (“parilladas”) and meat cuts.  Baire’s engaged with One to 1 Marketing to address problems with languishing Happy Hour traffic during the key hours of 6:00-8:00PM.  Expanding patronage during those hours was important both in terms of greater drink revenues for that period, as well as the opportunity for potential business from those customers who remained for dinner.


The Situation

Subway is a multi-nation sandwich franchise chain with more than 35,000 locations and a marketing strategy that focuses on a young adult-to-middle age population with food that is positioned as healthier than typical fast food fare.  Like many restaurants, Subway sought new revenue streams and had launched a major initiative focused on developing its catering business.  As quoted in an article in USA TODAY, Tony Pace of Subway's corporate consumer marketing organization noted that “two catering orders each day over a weekend could mean an extra hundred dollars bucks in sales that you wouldn't have had otherwise." Given such possibilities, One to 1 Marketing approached a local Ft Lauderdale Subway franchise (#53174) about working with the store to increase catering sales to local businesses within the store’s territory.

Masters Italian Restaurant

The Situation

Master’s Italian is a casual independent restaurant that has been doing business in Miami BeachFlorida for more than thirty years.  Seeking to increase its midday lunch and buffet traffic, Master’s engaged with One to 1 Marketing to develop a direct marketing campaign that would increase its overall lunchtime sales, as well as develop significant returning customer business. 

Sir Pizza

The Situation

Sir Pizza is a 12-restaurant pizza chain that operates throughout Miami-Dade and Broward counties with an emphasis on a fun and family-friendly atmosphere appealing to all ages.  With the dual goals of increasing its midday traffic for all its locations and announcing a new restaurant’s opening to local businesses, Sir Pizza sought out One to 1 Marketing to develop a direct marketing campaign that would increase lunchtime sales and build its brand recognition in the crowded Miami Beach-area market. 

Taverna Opa

The Situation

Taverna Opa is a small Florida-based Greek-themed restaurant chain with headquarters in Hollywood, Florida. After several years of operation, the restaurant was experiencing a decline in business, and was also noting a diminished brand identity in the very competitiveSouth Floridadining market.  In an effort to remedy the situation, the owner engaged in discussion with three marketing/public relations firms before choosing One to 1 Marketing to develop a marketing program that could positively impact its brand image - and its bottom line. 

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