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Baires Grill Final Revision

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Baire’s Grill

 The Situation                                                                                         

Baire’s Grill is an upscale restaurant located in Miami Beach, Florida, that features a high quality authentic Argentinean menu, including Argentina’s world renowned barbecue (“parilladas”) and meat cuts.  Baire’s engaged with One to 1 Marketing to address problems with languishing Happy Hour traffic during the key hours of 6:00-8:00PM.  Expanding patronage during those hours was important both in terms of greater drink revenues for that period, as well as the opportunity for potential business from those customers who remained for dinner.

The Marketing Strategy

After conducting market research on the issue, inclusive of several meetings with the restaurant owner, One to 1 Marketing proposed that the best way to increase Happy Hour business was to offer a promotion.  The centerpiece of the strategy was to be a promotion that would focus on inviting local charities to partner with Baire’s for an evening of fundraising.

As part of the plan, One to 1 worked with Baire’s to identify and approach non-profit organizations in South Florida, enlisting their participation in an event that would expand public awareness for the non-profit and increase potential donations.  One to 1 then created brochures for each event that highlighted the cause of the particular non-profit, but which also showcased the restaurant.  One to 1 then hired marketing staff to make contacts with the individual charities and encourage their promotion of the event to their members and donors through invitations to the fundraising evening.  The campaign goal for Baire’s was to increase foot traffic at the restaurant in the early evening period and to attract new customers that otherwise had not been to Baire’s, either for Happy Hour or dinner. 

The Results

Baire’s Grill reported that the very first promotion generated additional traffic of between 20 to 30 people for the Happy Hour, as well as 15 to 20 who remained for dinner, thus generating almost $5,000 in additional restaurant sales.  The owner, Marcelo, noted that they were able to recoup their investment in the marketing program on the very first night.  That success has continued as the restaurant implemented the One to 1 strategy as a series of bi-weekly events.  Per the owner, “One to 1 Marketing is a great company to work with, as they are experts in restaurant marketing.  I have seen an increase of 30% during our Happy Hour period since we implemented this promotion.  The results are better than print advertising or running a radio ad - and less costly.  I would definitely recommend One to 1 Marketing to other restaurant owners!”

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