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Increasing Profitability with Your Restaurant Menu Design

Profitability in a restaurant or a retail food business is never a constant, as the daily operations can take a toll even on the biggest multinational food chains.

Restaurants often find themselves in a situation where they have to deal with customer satisfaction and maintaining profit margins as well. However, the biggest mistake a restaurant can make in terms of customer loyalty and profitability is to the restaurant menu design. A menu is the face of a restaurant, no matter if your customers look at it or not. The first thing to focus on to increase profitability is to optimize your restaurant menu design.

Trim down the List
About 20% of details on a menu doesn’t even have to be there. Items that do not reap money, that are not associated with what your brand is all about, and that are more costly than the others don’t need to be on the list.

The Menu Mix
This is where the art of a restaurant menu design comes into play. It is important to rank the items based on their popularity, and refer to them as menu mix. This can help you analyze which items are the most profitable and which are the least ordered. Removing the least ordered items from your menu or listing them last will make it look more appealing and will give your customers a good headache to decide on what to order.

Order and Arrangement
This is the most important factor when going for a restaurant menu design. Your aim should be to make your customers ‘look’ at your menu, not just skim through it. Make sure the most profitable items are the first on the list vertically. You can use different graphics for offers and other special items on the list that will make them stand out. This basic tip works for all types of restaurants and will help you ensure profitability and higher return on investment in the long term.

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